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Minutes of  Monkton Farleigh Parish Council Meeting No. 1 in the Village Hall 25th May 2016 at 7.00pm

Present: M. Midlane [Chair], A. Moodie, P. Thorne, D. Noad, A. Tucker, R. McDonald and S. Rowe [Clerk]

Also: Trevor Carbin

  1. Apologies: A. Maclachlan. No declarations of Interest.
  2. Minutes of Meeting No.8 Dated 20/04/16

Approved and signed by M. Midlane.  The Clerk will have issued these Minutes to ensure that all councillors have received their copy.


  1. Matters Arising.
  • The Emergency plan is completed and with the council.
  • Blackberries Campsite has planning permission and has to submit a management plan which the parish council approved. If there are problems with noise then complaints must be made formally to Wiltshire Council.
  • No one has requested an election for a new Councillor so notices will be put up for Co – option.


  • The vans parked at Broadstones are still a problem. Little can be done except report the number plates to the local police.
  • The Chair has written a letter to Mike Hyatt regarding the height of his trees and the shadows they cast.
  1. Web Site

The web site is being worked on and it should be completed soon.  An advert could be put in the programme for the summer fete.  The clerk will go ahead and buy a lap top and printer when a debit card has been obtained from the bank.

  1. Neighbourhood Watch.
  2. Thorne attended a Neighbourhood Watch meeting in Warminster and was inspired to volunteer as coordinator for our Neighbourhood Watch scheme. She was warmly thanked. She has letters ready to print and send out to the parish.



  1. Queen’s Birthday Celebrations
  • Thorne has agreed to present the commemorative mugs to all children who enter the dressing up competition at the summer fete.
  • Book tokens will be bought as first and second prizes.
  1. McDonald
  • Colin Dobson will be contacted about who should judge the competition.
  1. Midlane
  2. Disciplinary and Grievance Policy and Complaints Policy

More time is needed in this matter so it will be discussed at the next meeting.

  1. Correspondence
  • Helen Forsyth needs photos for the website.
  • We have a copy of the Bradford on Avon Plan
  • Neighbourhood Watch have AGM on 25th
  • The Clerk was asked what work the Parish Council wanted to do on the bench at Farleigh Rise and was told that we might be issued with a simple access licence to carry out the work.
  • There is a Parish Steward scheme presentation on 9th June R. McDonald agreed to attend.
  1. Financial Matters

The Parish Council has £14,098.68 in the bank at the end of May 2016.

Cheques were signed for £469.73 AON insurance renewal and £160.56 for the commemorative mugs for the Queen’s Birthday.

  1. Parish Matters
  • No news on the woodland sale at Pinckney Green. Trevor Carbin is to keep us informed.
  • The mirror at Kingsdown has been removed. It is a dangerous junction and it was felt something should be done.  It comes under Box Parish Council.  Midlane agreed to try and find out more about it.
  • The dog waste bins have been a success and it was agreed to buy another bin for the end of “the Avenue” at South Wraxall.


  • It was agreed that we should look into buying new notice boards. We need to ask the owner of the old Post Office about whether she still wants the notice board on her property and if so can we replace it.


  1. Planning 16/04646/TCA

The council approved the removal of two trees at Shell Cottage.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

July 6th 2016