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Minutes of  Monkton Farleigh Parish Council Meeting No. 8 in the Village Hall 20th April 2016 at 7.00pm

Present: M. Midlane [Chair], A. Moodie, P. Thorne, D. Noad, A. Tucker, S. Burton and S. Rowe [Clerk]

Also: Trevor Carbin

  1. Apologies: R. McDonald and A. Maclachlan. No declarations of Interest.
  2. Resignation of S. Burton as Councillor.
  3. Burton was thanked for her contribution to the Parish Council and then she left the meeting.
  4. Minutes of Meeting No.7 Dated 24/02/16 and Planning Meeting 16/01161/FUL 14/03/16

Approved and signed by M. Midlane.  The Clerk will have issued these Minutes to ensure that all councillors have received their copy.


  1. Matters Arising.
  2. Midlane is near to finishing the emergency plan. The telephone tree needs to have the councillors’ names on. All agreed.
  3. Midlane

The seat on the Avenue needs care, a quote for the work to be done will be obtained.


  1.  Reports from Trevor Carbin and Andrew Maclachlan.
  • Trevor Carbin reported that the planning meeting for Blackberries Campsite will go ahead on 27th The requests will probably go through.  The restrictions on noise will need a management plan which must be produced by the campsite within a month after the planning meeting.  The Parish Council can request a copy.
  • Woodland at Pinckney Green will go up for sale in the middle of May. There is no information about what is happening Trevor Carbin is trying to get more information.
  • The Little Zoo had its licence and noise checked and it was reported that the noise was less. Local opinion feels that the noise from the wolves is not lessening and Trevor will pass this on.
  • Thorne had received the crime report from Andrew Maclachlan, printed this and distributed it to councillors and clerk.
  1. New Councillor Election process.

Electoral services are to be informed and a notice for election will be put up.  If after 14 days no one (ten people) has requested an election then we will advertise for co-option.



  1. Planning Application 16/02787/FUL Retrospective planning application for a summerhouse at Dry Arch, Bath Road, Farleigh Wick.

There were no objections to this application.

  1. Web Site.

A meeting was held with R. Macdonald, Helen Forsyth and the Clerk to discuss getting started on building the website.  All are happy for Helen Forsyth to go ahead now we have the funding.  Some of the build will be covered with the funding but some (as it will be a community website and not just a parish council website) will be paid for by the Parish Council.

  1. Clerks training course and subsequent statutory documents and policies that will need to be adopted.

The Clerk attended a course specifically for clerks new to the role.  It was very informative and has brought to our attention that there are policies and documents that need to be adopted by the Parish Council.  These will be emailed out over the next couple of months so that councillors can become familiar with them and then if all are in agreement they can be formally adopted over the course of the next few meetings.


  1. Possible 90th birthday celebrations for the Queen.

The Parish Council agreed to support some sort of recognition of the Queen’s birthday at the village fete.  We need to find someone to organise a sort of competition or event and the Parish Council could fund prizes.

  1. Midlane
  2. Neighbourhood Watch and finding a new representative

As S. Burton is no longer going to do this a new co-ordinator needs to be found.  Signs are to be put up to gauge interest.  There is an open forum on 30th April which would be an opportunity to gather information.  M. Midlane and P. Thorne are to liaise and maybe go.

  1. Correspondence

Emails have been forwarded on several topics.

  • Traffic Survey Report
  • Public Health Briefing
  • Training opportunity for relative carers
  • The Queen’s birthday commemorative souvenirs
  • A letter acknowledging our letter about the bus consultation from Wiltshire Council
  • A letter about the bench at Farleigh Rise trying to find the best way forward
  1. Financial Matters.

There is currently £9,836.13 in the bank.  £2,379.00 of this is from the Government’s Transparency fund.

For the clerk to get a debit card she needs to be a signatory on the account.  A mandate form was signed so that this can be done.  The clerk will then be able to get a debit card for online purchases.  There will be a limit of £500.00 on a purchase.

  1. Parish Matters.
  • The parking of several vans on the entrance to Broadstones has reduced visibility for drivers coming out on to the main road. There have been numerous complaints about this.  Best way forward is for Andrew Maclachlan to be informed.


  • The trees in the garden of Keith Hyatt are too high and are putting the gardens nearby in complete or partial shade. A letter is to be written to see if he would be willing to cut them.
  1. Midlane
  2. Date of Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Council.

25th May 2016