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Monkton Farleigh Parish Council – Annual Parish Meeting 2016


Chair’s Report


The last year has been one of measured progress and I would like to thank all fellow Parish Councillors for their efforts and contribution.


I would also like to thank Sally Rowe for all she has done in this her first year as clerk.


Main features of year.


1       Sally Rowe has shown great drive and initiative in coming to grips with her new role.  She has modernised many of our practices and has done so with great good humour, courtesy and effeciency.


2       Coffee mornings on alternative Fridays have continued and have provided an environment where villagers can socialise and relax. We are in debt to Phyllis and her team for initiating and running this scheme.


3       Clean for Queen. An enjoyable event which brought together over 40 individuals and families of all ages and helped keep our village as attractive as ever.


4       20 mph limit. Over the next few months and with the support of Wiltshire Council we hope to introduce a 20mph speed limit in the central section of the village.  This should contribute to road safety and enable us to walk around and enjoy our village more peacefully.


5       Wind turbines. Through the efforts of the Parish Council and others Kingsdown Golf Club withdrew their controversial planning application to erect two wind turbines just outside our village boundaries.


6       Bus review. The Parish Council contributed to Wiltshire Council’s review of bus services.  The results are, as yet, unknown.


7       Neighbourhood Watch. At the time of writing it is hoped a new scheme will be introduced in the near future.


8       Website.  At the instigation of the Parish Council and with external financial support Helen Forsyth is developing a new village website.


9       Emergency Plan.  The much delayed Monkton Farleigh Emergency Plan has now been completed and delivered to Wiltshire Council.  I am very grateful to Rachel Exley for agreeing to be the local emergency coordinator.


10     Noticeboards.  Two new all-weather noticeboards have been purchased and erected.


11     Dog Loos. Four dog bins have been bought and sited at strategic points in the village.


12     New Councillor. Following the resignation of John Veal from the Council Sarah Burton was co-opted to fill his place. She has decided the role is not for her but I am grateful for her contribution over the last year. A further co-option might be necessary to fill the post until elections next year.


13     Financial situation.  Our reserves show a healthy balance of over £8,000 although there is some unspent but programmed expenditure over the next few months primarily for the 20mph speed limit and the completion of the website.


Challenges For Next year


1       Introduce the 20 mph speed limit.

2       Follow up after the bus review.  Should the review result in cuts to bus services the Parish Council will need to consider what measures, if any, might ameliorate the impact of the measures.

3       Introduce and use the village website effectively.

4       Continue to update our practices/administration

5       Introduce a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

6       Ensure the Parish Council has a full complement of members.