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Neighbourhood Watch News

This month the focus is on Domestic Abuse. Most people (men) might instantly think of wife or partners being beaten but it involves far more than this. It can effect men as well as women; and as well as violent or threatening behaviour it can be psychological, emotional, sexual, financial or controlling or coercive. It also can effect other members of a family unit, with children suffering emotional and behavioural disturbances.
Although in our NW area we may think we live in a safe “middle class” area, it can happen to anyone, and Wiltshire Police tell us that last year they received more calls relating to domestic disputes than any other incidents. The Police officers attending these calls report that time after time victims are not aware of he help available or they would have taken action earlier.
The Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme – also known as Clare’s Law, enables you to make enquiries about a partner, or potential partner or the partner of a close friend or family member whose behaviour is causing concern. For more information visit
An organisation who will provide confidential and non judgemental advice is the Domestic Abuse Support Group. This is a UK charity whose trained advisors will respond to either email, on-line chat, or phone calls. The Tel No. is 08088023333
No one should feel unsafe in their own home and should not feel threatened by the one person who is supposed to protect and care for them . It is our right to ask if all is not well and our duty to do so.